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The Prince Charming casting

Discover the world’s most innovative entertainment format on your smartphone or tablet!
Experience goosebump moments when your protagonist calls up. Feel with him when he chats.
Your smartphone becomes part of the story when it vibrates or the screen goes black.


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Lola is just over thirty, Lola is slightly chaotic and Lola has bad luck with men. Put that way, she is no different to the millions of other women who fit this description. Or she would be, if it weren’t for Lola’s extraordinary clique. Olgér, her roommate, whose biggest hobby is his Facebook group “High Heels in Action”, the marketing mouse Nina and the domestic dearie Anja are taking Lola’s search for a man into their own hands by organizing a really crazy dream prince casting. Will this help Lola to find her dream prince in the end?


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